Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's been a while since I last drawn up a wish list for Birthday or Christmas. I was waiting for a ride the other day when I nonchalantly began jotting down some ultimate wants this year (and next). Hope I can get most of them (friends and family, your full attention please!).

Here it goes...

1. Finally forgetting it or finally making it (been singing this tune since early this year, seems like I am gearing more and more towards the former).

2. For a certain someone to finally look up and notice. : )

3. Good health for the rest of the family

4. Making new friends, keeping old friends and reconnecting with lost ones.

5. More, more, more patience (and less biatchiness).

6. The gift of true assertiveness

7. A loving and accepting heart *big gulp*

8. One quiet and peaceful day on my ride to and from work

9. Less whines and brat attacks

10. Samsonite Backpack for my laptop (or a very cool laptop sleeve at least)

11. 1GB Memory Stick Duo for my SE P990i

12. New desktop monitor for my PC at home

13. A second cellphone for my Service Unit

14. Trip to Beijing, China to visit Tin in time for the 2008 Olympics; and to celebrate and welcome the Big Three-Oh there.

15. Trip to Iloilo in January to attend Tisha and Rhett's wedding

16. Roadtrip to Vigan (been planning this for the longest time!)

17. Dorothy Perkins Flare Jeans

18. Shoes from Schu which I ordered on-line to finally arrive

19. A new functional office bag (M Barretto?)

20. One fine day at The Spa


I'll be off to the Queen City of the South for work on Thursday afternoon to attend our Visayas Regional Meeting. It's been years since the last time I was in Cebu. Been too looooong if I may say. The trip will be a quick one since I will just be presenting some updates and programs that we will have soon. I'll be there less than 24 hours so I will not have time to meet with friends and stuff. In fact, I only have one must-do in Cebu - eat at Cheavers! Yay!

I love the weather lately! I love, love, love the rain! I love the cool rainy nights!

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