Sunday, August 26, 2007

The fourth season of Grey's Anatomy will premiere on September 27 at ABC. Here's the first promotional video which I got from Mindy and at the Grey's Anatomy Insider site.

I am such a HUGE fan and I cannot wait for Season 4. There's a couple of 'quite real' exciting spoilers that I read from Mindy's site that are absolute bombshells! (think Alex-Callie hooking up!) This will be a different season since main characters Burke (Isaiah Washington) and Addison (Kate Walsh) will not be on it. Burke, as everyone knows, was fired from the program and Addison will lead a new GA spin-off show called Private Practice. Spin-offs usually don't take-off as much as its mother show but let us see what it can offer. It will premiere on September 26.

Here are some things to look forward to:

1. Lexie Grey - to be played by actress Chyler Leigh; she's Meredith's half-sister who was introduced in the penultimate episode last season as 'the girl from the bar' who turned out to be one of Seattle Grace's new interns. Chyler is definitely prettier than Ellen Pompeo!

2. The New Residents - our five favorite Interns are now Residents! Cristina's "don't try sucking up, I hate you already" in the video clip above was Bailey's line to them in the Pilot Episode when they first started at SGH.

3. O'Mizzie / Gizzie - this is one ship that should be put out ASAP! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Very very low, Shonda!

4. Mer-Der - I heard they are breaking up (again!). More dark and twisty Meredith's drama (again!).

Aside from the premiere, GA fans are also excited for the 10 Emmy nominations that the cast and crew of Grey's was able to rake. I really really hope that they will win it this time. Seriously.

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