Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am blogging at the salon. Can you believe it? I am the only one I know who actually brought laptop to a place of beauty, relaxation and pampering. I am having my hair rebonded and the whole treatment and procedure is five friggin' long hours. I've always been a multi-tasker and I know that I will be bored out of my wits if I will just read the fashion and beauty magazines that are scattered all around the salon. Since I will finish at 9:00 pm I decided to do my work budget assignment which is due tomorrow. I am actually dreading it but I have no choice since the review is coming soon and I know that I will all be sleepy and tired by the time I get home.

I am so so OC about my hair. I am not really a kikay vain girl but there are two "unforgivable" things for me: unruly wavy hair and unwanted facial hairs. My hair have not always been good and I often have the "windblown" look even without the wind. I had it short for most of my life. It's very wavy and growing it beyond the shoulders will surely bring in fly-aways and semi-curls. Then came the breakthrough of hair relax and hair rebonding. I succumbed to it, of course. I first had it in early 2001 and I had my hair grown since. I usually have my hair straightened, relaxed or rebonded at least once a year. I've been toying the idea of getting a Digiperm (big curls at the ends) for quite some time but chickened out the last minute. Classic LONG straight hair is still the way to go no matter what the beauty magazines, the trend or your man says. I know I am biased but that's just it. Trust me. I have proof and evidences. :)

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EDSA DosI so so so love my new hair! In my 5 years of hair treatment and pampering, I must admit that there were also a few misses but THIS current one (fortunately) is not one of them. I've tried so many salons and parlors and where I had my last one is truly one of the best. I had my first rebond with them last year and the repeat two weeks ago (see above paragraph). I am truly a very satisfied customer! It's been two weeks since the treatment and it looks so good and so natural now. The first few days are really awkward since it resembled a mop and I had icky feeling all over since I was not allowed to wet it for three days (I was a rebel so I showered after thirty-six hours). I actually don't like the lifeless, super straight hair in the shampoo advertisements. I want it straight and fine but with natural body and bounce - and that's how it looks and feels now! I am so deliriously happy about it. I've also been receiving lots and lots of compliments for it. Yay!

I got the salon package that includes keratin, cellophane treatment and a foot spa which is actually price-friendly. Drop me a line in my comment box to know where is my secret happy place! :) One good tip: pray for gorgeous hair. Sounds weird but I seriously do pray whenever I do something with my hair. Its not called crowning glory for nothing. Try it! Very effective and with guaranteed great results!

I have lots to blog about! Please come back in a few days. Been really busy with our budget preparation and review for '08. For the meantime, check out my Multiply for some pictures.

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