Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yep, you are not lost and this is indeed!

I finally changed templates and revamped my site's blog design. I had the last one for years! This is only the third time I changed it save for the blog banner/picture collage which I regularly update.

I love my new template. It's very clean, clean, clean and organized. I love the white background and the black accents on the side bar. I've been looking at templates for weeks and I am glad that I finally found this one at Free Themes.

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Goodbye, Old Blog Look!

So, why change the look?

Well, the last one was really...old. I finally got tired of looking at my face every single day for the past four years! (Yep, I've been blogging since 2003! Check out my archives!) And since Blogger was bought by Google a couple of years ago, there has been a lot of changes in terms of posting, lay-out, etc. My old lay-out was still in css and it became uber-tiring to search through the clutter of my template each time I need to update something.

Then there was the blog "monetizing" thing. Look at the lower right of the side bar and you will notice that I signed up for Google AdSense. And I highly encourage you to click on the things that fancies you. My goal is for blog advertising to help me buy this. Yey! Thanks to SEMCON '07 and for all the SEO and Google PageRank (PR) techniques. Click, click, click now!

Lastly, there's the issue of changing and moving on (here we go again). Moving on is my mantra this year and this blog is one with me in achieving that goal!

Hope you like the new look!

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  1. super french naman ng blogger mo. ganito ba dati?

    wala ka guestbook? tagboard?

  2. clean, clean, clean! *remembering that GA episode...* i love the new layout! hey i'll do the blog rush thing soon. thanks for the email ;-)

  3. I saw the camera you like. That's the same one I have and it's the BEST! XTi baby!

    Love the new layout!

  4. Tin: what do you mean ganito ba dati? :) Matagal na akong walang guestbook or tag board. It's a spam-magnet sumasakit lang ang ulo ko. I miss the old comment box though. :( Haloscan ginagamit ko dati but I can't use it now.

    Aileen: Yep, clean, clean, clean from Grey's. That's where I got the title. The Blog Rush's cool, pang-pataas ng hits and page rank.

    Mitz: Yep, I saw that your cam is 400D, I was about to text you. I've been canvassing here and mukhang mas cheaper sa US. Okay lang ba if walang lens muna? :)

  5. You cannot use the camera without the lens. Here's what it looks like: (I'm supposed to post it here but it doesn't accept tags)

    Usually, you can get an SLR camera that comes with a "normal" lens that costs $300 more.

    How much yung XTi dyan? You can go to to compare.

  6. Hey, Mitz (yep, I am still awake).

    Thanks for the tip. I actually mean the long lenses for panoramic, etc. :) A friend told me that I can buy a decent entry level DSLR for $880 (Php 40K) here. He suggested that I get 350D/300D dunno lang if it's available here.

    I still dunno if I am ready for the switch. I am also checking out other point and shoot from Canon. Baka January pa if ever.

  7. hi abbie! love your new template! very zen and clean :)
    btw, i'll be keeping my updates over at
    thanks :)

  8. I suggest that you still get 400D for $100 more because it comes with "dust reduction system" to shake off dust. You'd need that to protect your camera from dust when you change lens.

    There's other way to clean dust out of the camera (if you opt for the other model) but its a lil bit dangerous coz you might scratch the mirror inside which is a BIG no-no.

    This is one of the things that I took into consideration when I started looking for SLR camera. Other than that, 400D has better resolution (10MP) and larger LCD.

    Check this website for details:

  9. Jean: Hello! Thanks, thanks! I will be updating my link box with your new blog. :)

    Mitz: Thanks! :) Is 400D the latest entry-level SLR from Canon? I saw that it was launched 3Q of 2006.

  10. Yes, 400D is the latest one.


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