Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"I'll give my soul to hold you once again..."

Oh, Josh Groban! Truly Fantastique!

I will never forgive myself if I will not blog about my Josh Groban experience. I was one of the fortunate few who was able to watch Josh live at his Gala Night Concert at the PICC Plenary Hall last October 17. Josh Groban's first ever live performance here in Manila is part of his World Tour 2007 to promote his third and latest album, Awake.

Josh truly did not disappoint the crowd (which majority is from Manila's creme de la creme) with his great baritone voice, entertaining spiels between songs, and hunky-handsome looks. He's such a multi-talented darling who is so engaging and articulate.

When I learned a couple of months ago that Josh Groban will be performing live here in Manila, I was so excited and eager to get tickets to his concert. I fell in love with him ever since I heard Broken Vow years back. Good thing that Smart Infinity was the presentor of the event so I was able to score some awesome priced limited tickets. What I paid for is a real steal compared to the premiere P20,000 ($455) tickets that were sold.

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I felt the excitement of the night as soon as my date and I arrived at the steps of PICC to join Manila's fashionable society to queue to the entrance hall. The show was about to start when we arrived so we hurriedly went to our seats so as not to miss a single note from Josh. The stage was very simple and with no fuss. There were two drum sets, a piano, guitars, several violinists, a couple of cellists and a grand piano in the middle for Josh. The show promptly started at 8:30 pm with no front acts (but of course!). Josh's first song was "You are Loved (Don't Give Up)" which I think is very appropriate as an opening number. It's a "PopOpera" and is also the second single on his Awake album.

Josh Groban Awake Concert - Stage

One of the most memorable and unforgettable performances of the night was the duet of Josh with our very own Lani Misalucha of "The Prayer". Lani was a special request of Josh and she flew from Las Vegas just for the two-day concert. One of the other songs which received many cheers was "To Where You Are" which Josh described as an obscure little song which is very important to him. For Grobanites and McBeal fans, you will remember that this was one of the songs he sang when he guested at Ally McBeal years ago. Josh played Malcolm, the student-client of Ally, who asked her to his prom. He also first sang there one of my favorites, "You're Still You" (which he did not sing at the Manila concert, much to my disappointment).

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Josh had three encores and was truly overwhelmed by the reception he got. He said that he was expecting a stiff and conservative audience based on the profile of the crowd but was so surprised when people continuously cheered for him with blue light sticks. The encores were also delightful! He sang old favorites like "Broken Vow", "You Raised Me Up" and Michael Jackson's "He's Out of My Life". Since he's totally enamored by Manila, he promised that he will definitely come back for a benefit concert! Yey!

Josh Groban's is truly the best concert I've been to. He was really and truly magnificent!

Click here for more of Josh's wonderful music.
Photo credits to Vince Lopez.

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  1. Hey, Aileen! Saw your blog comment before I changed my site look.

    The date? Some random officemate. It was a friendly one, no frills.

    Yeah, Binch filed last Friday and Ros filed last Monday. Goodluck to your former officemate. :)

  2. I'm a huge fan of Josh Groban's and listening to both of his previous CDs have moved me to tears on more than one occasion but after listening to Awake over and over again, I have to say that I'm disappointed. I can't seem to find the same Josh in this CD, I know that he's trying to modernize his music but this "new style" of music doesn't really suit him, I particularly dislike his singing falsetto, he has such a powerful voice with an incredible range, he should use it. Of all of songs, I like the February Song and as much as I love the Romeo and Juliet song, I feel that his passion is somewhat lacking. This is definitely not his best work and I'm looking forward to his next CD.


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