Monday, October 08, 2007

Control FreakStep One to becoming a true Control Freak - shampoo your freakin' hair! Let the thick lather and rich fragrance empower your presence. It will stomp the curl and fight the frizz. Hair will succumb to your every demand!

The above is the product description of the fantabulous Bed Head TIGI Control Freak.

I am becoming so obsessed with my hair. Really. After the rebond I had last month, I ignored it for a couple of days so it can build some body. For the meantime, I researched about the things I can do to make it more beautiful and to maintain its softness and bounce. There are some treatments like cellophane, which is also a semi-tint, that can preserve its glow and shine. Then there is also the mid-way rebond where you can treat just the hair re-growths near the roots. But what I am looking for is a treatment or maintenance which can aid in the straightening and prevent fly-away and frizz. So, here comes Control Freak.

The Bed Head TIGI Control Freak Shampoo is a revolutionary maintenance anti-frizz hair shampoo from TIGI under its Bed Head line. I learned about it from some of the message boards I go to and it's recommended by hair stylists and experts. I tried it and it really does give a straighter and frizz control look and feel. I wished I discovered it sooner! The fragrance is Pineapple (lovely smell) and it really gives one's hair a soft and gentle feel. I truly and absolutely recommend it especially for chemically-treated hair (relax, rebond, etc). I pair it with my beloved Cream Silk White for an even straighter finish. Control Freak also got conditioner and serum products but I am too loyal to Cream Silk and Citre Shine to make the switch.

The letdown? Well, the price is kindda steep considering that it's an everyday maintenance shampoo. Plus it's not widely distributed and is only sold at professional salons even in the US. I got mine from Studio 546 at Shangri-La Mall but I heard that it's also available at Basement Salon (Powerplant Rockwell; Shangri-La Mall) and at the chic First Aid drugstore at Greenbelt. I googled the price in the US and some on-line stores are selling it a whole lot less than the price here. So, I sent an SOS IM to Mitzi! :)

This is such a great find. Try it. Invest on it.
It's definitely Goodbye, Fly-aways!

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