Sunday, November 04, 2007

A month before Gen's Wedding (or days after her fun, fun, fun bridal shower) I immediately began to look and scout for THE perfect Make-up Artist who will doll me up for her wedding.

I went to my official SOS on-line forum for beauty stuff (otherwise known as GirlTalk) and asked advice and get reviews of professional stylists. One sister recommended this then another suggested this and so on. They were all great I must say. But I got lucky when one of the forumers recommended Mich Lim and posted her website link. Her blog included her portfolio and I instantly like it upon seeing it. Her forte is the the natural no-make-up make-up and some of her works were even featured at posh magazines like Preview and Marie Claire. I immediately booked her for Gen's wedding and she was fortunately available for the 20th of October.

Before The Night Before
Here are my BEFORE shots.
Picture on the left was taken minutes before the session
and picture on the right was taken the night before.

We had the make-up session at Azta Salon in Metrowalk. She told me that the salon is owned by a friend and she lets her use it when she have clients. She doesn't have a salon of her own since she mostly do freelance venue-based work and is open to all kinds of make-up jobs – weddings, shoots, fashion shows, etc.

We started immediately since I arrived 1:00 pm and have to leave by 3:00 pm. She applied really good make-up on me and used great brands like MAC, Guerlain and YSL. I especially love the Guerlain Terracotta Africa Rhythm bronzer that she applied on my cheeks. It was the great "finish" that I wanted. We spent a lot of time on my eyes and she applied earth and subdued colors like brown and tan. The false eyelashes that she added also made my eyes pretty and brighter. My mom absolutely loved it (and my mom is not easy to please when it comes to me). She kept on gushing about it to her sisters and nieces. One of the things which I am not too happy about was the concealer. I find it too heavy which was actually my fault. Mich had to apply great amount of it because of my eyebags due to an extended night out with friends the night before. One tip: sleep early and get enough rest the night before any special event. Well, that's why it's called "beauty sleep".

I truly and absolutely love how I look that day. I truly recommend Mich especially if you are going after the natural look. We finished around 3:00 pm and the make-up lasted until 11:00 pm without too much retouch. I only re-applied some lipstick and powder during the entire wedding. Mich's specialty is make-up and she usually asked the Azta staff to fix the client's hair. Since my hair was just rebonded, I just opted for a simple straight blow-dry as not to damage my rebonded hair.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My AFTER shots taken in the car just right after the session.

Oh, before I end this, aside from having great prowess with the make-up brush, Mich is also a darling. She's cute, very nice, engaging and she really makes one comfortable. She's truly perfect for nervous brides out there. Her hands are also light when she applies make-up. I had stylists before who have heavy hands that makes one think of face torture. I truly admire Mich and her talents. She's been in the business for only three years yet she's already making a big splash in the beauty world.

You may reach Mich through her website: She usually do make-ups or trial make-ups with brides at any Azta Salon (Metrowalk, Robinson's MetroEast, Eastwood, Katipunan). Her rates and contact information are all in her website (I cannot post it here since her number is not on MY mobile network. Sorry.).

More pictures of me and the wedding at this site.

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