Sunday, November 04, 2007

The long-overdue blog redesign is now completed so it's now to write some posts. I've been so behind with my writing but I hope that I can update more frequently in the coming days. November is not my favorite month for nothing. This entry on my cousin's wedding is already delayed by two weeks.

Anyway, moving on.

My family, the rest of our clan, and I attended my cousin Gen's long-awaited and well-prepared wedding to Nonie two Saturdays ago, October 20. The wedding was held at a very beautiful quaint garden home in Antipolo City called Jardin De Miramar. I love out-of-town garden weddings! There's a certain tranquility, exclusivity and intimacy in them. Nonie and Gen truly made the right choice in holding their union in one.

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Gen and Nonie met through their Church's Pastor five years ago and been in love since. Most of the guests were their Church friends (or otherwise known as the Bridal Shower Girls) who witnessed their love story through the years. The rites and program were very simple and it was mostly participated by family and close friends. Bonus points to the pastor for his very endearing sermon and good pieces of advice to the couple. And special kudos to Gen for choosing Josh Groban's "You're Still You" as part of her wedding march.

Gen The Bride
The Beautiful Bride

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"Who gives this woman?"

Since Gen is a year older than me and I am her "next in line" it was not a surprise that she got me as one of her Bridesmaids. Yeah, yeah, I am at it again. This is the ninth time I've been part of a wedding entourage. Six times as a Bridesmaid, thrice as a Veil Sponsor, and once as Maid of Honor to my dear Olen. Along with it are nine gowns in different colors and forms – from Maroon to Pink to Blue. Yeah, I truly am a Professional Bridesmaid and I dunno if I will be happy or sad about it. Aside from me, a number of my relatives were also chosen as part of the entourage.

Here are some of the photos:

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With my niece Hannah (who looks like me) and Goddaughter Khiara

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My nieces Chesca and Migee as Flower Girls

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Tita Doris with The Navarros

I had fun in the wedding with my other cousins. It was truly a wedding worth attending. The scenery and the nice venue absolutely made up for the very long drive to Antipolo. I also overdid the photos so here's the link of the album at Multiply and a slideshow from Google Picasa.

Best Wishes, Nonie and Gen!

Wedding Season officially started for me! Next stop? Raymond & Patty, Carlos & Che and Rhett & Tisha! Whew!

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