Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello! I had a great last week of 2007. Christmas was spent with family and relatives at our annual get-together and reunion. This year's quite different since we spent it in one of my aunt's house that has a swimming pool. The kids were confused if they will swim or fight for presents. :) I also had my share of gifts this year but I think that I did more giving than receiving which is actually more than fine with me.

The last few days at work were also good. Two of the projects we are doing are both getting the response we wanted. We implemented a couple of communication plans in December and we learned last Friday that we are hitting the target.

On the social scene, I attended a couple of get-together last Thursday and Friday. We had our yearly Honda/Ex-Honda reunion at Bim & Olen's place in Cittadela. It was nice seeing again my God Daughters, Bela and Nicole. They are such cuties! Then my dear friend, Tintin, celebrated her birthday through a house party last Friday. Charo, Mitzi and I attended. Too bad Madamme Aileen was sick in bed so she was not able to attend. Click here and here for the pictures.

Before we bid goodbye to 2007, here's my year-ender to somehow document and give tribute to a very good and inspiring year. I never expected that I will end the year THIS good since I had a very bleak first quarter. I found the questions below from Ivah's blog and I incorporated some of the questions from my previous year-enders.

Hit it!

Name: Anna Vida Theresa Hemedes Real
Age: 29 years and 4 months


1. Place you hung out most in this year:
My room and the office. I became more homebody this year and I spent more time at home than outside.

2. Favorite new place you discovered:

SMART Tower! Nothing beats my new job and my new office.

3. Places you went on dates:

I’ve only been out twice this year. It was a dateless year! One was in a restaurant in Glorietta 4 and the other one was in Westgate, Alabang.

4. Favorite vacation spot for the year:
No proper vacation, too! But I had a roadtrip with my family to Quezon in May and I went to Cebu on a business trip sometime in September.

5. Places you made out in this year:
Let me think...


1. People who taught you a lot this year:

My mom, my good friend Ros, and my new colleagues at SMART.

2. An old friend you rediscovered this year:
Mitzi. Her coming home this month was really great! We are in touch most of the time but nothing beats face to face conversations.

3. People who told you the nicest thing about yourself:

Ros and my Forces Girlfriends (remember our photoshoot and the session before it?).

4. People who did something really great for you and what:
My boss because he hired me and Dr. Calub of Asian Hospital who did my Open Cholecystectomy back in March.

5. People you spent the most time with this year:

My family, my co-workers, Forces Friends and Goodyear friends.

6. People you did something really great for and what:
My family. No explanation here.

7. Someone you wished you talk to this year:

No one. I think I did all the talking I can.

8. Someone whom you started a great new friendship with this year:
Twiggy. We used to be mere acquaintances back in college but we are now very good friends, Muchas Gracias to SMART.

9. Old enemies you made peace with this year:
I can think of one or two and I know that I have already forgiven them. After all, what I have right now is far better than what I had with them.

10. Someone you lost this year:
I have this friend whom I shared so many bonding moments before but she seemed to have forgotten me already. Not my lost. Really. Oh, I also lost my gallbladder this year!

11. Person you kissed this year:

There was this one person whom I almost kissed in the beginning of the year. Clue: He was also my last real kiss. Yeah, bummer. It was HIM still.

12. Person that made you laugh the most:
My niece Gabbie.

13. Person who made you cry:
I think there were still a couple of tears attributed to the ex.

14. Person you disliked when the year began but ended up becoming friends with:
Can’t think of any. Everyone’s been pretty consistent in my life this year.

15. Person you crushed on the entire year:

Haha! Not really the entire year! But there's this guy in the office that I fancy.

16. Someone you wished you apologized to:

There’s this guy who loves me but I cannot love back. I wish I can say sorry but can you apologize to someone because you cannot love them back?

17. People you went out on dates with:
Valentine's Date with Aileen and Charo and a couple of guys I would rather not mention.

18. Friends you went out with a lot:
Forces Girlfriends and Goodyear Friends.

19. Coolest person you met this year:
My blog and online buddies and my colleagues from BSD.


1. Clothing items you wore the most this year:
Black tops, asymmetrical tops, Havaianas and Schu Shoes

2. Nicest presents you got this year:
SMART bonuses, Goodyear back pay and my Sony Ericsson P990i and Nokia 6300 from myself to myself.

3. Favorite songs for the year:
Some of these are old – Josh Groban’s You’re Still You and Broken Vow, Regina Spektor's Samson, Maroon 5's Sunday Morning and Mandy Moore's version of Umbrella.

4. Coolest events of the year:
Moving on from him and the feeling, my acceptance at SMART, Josh Groban's Manila concert, Pinoy Big Brother, the return of Grey's Anatomy, my Cebu business trip, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Forces of Nature photoshoot, this blog’s redesign, Ad Congress 2007 and SMART’s Christmas Parties.

5. New hobby you picked up this year:
Facebook (and its cool application games), Twitter, messageboard posting and PROJECT EUROPE!

6. Best Book of the year:

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and Time Traveler’s Wife (only read it this year)

7. Best Movie:
I didn’t watch too much movie but here goes: Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix and One More Chance (yes!)

8. Best TV Shows:
Grey's Anatomy Season 4, Gossip Girl and Pinoy Big Brother Season 2

9. Most shocking news headline of the year:
The Manila Penninsula Stand-off. Click here for my views on it.

10. Favorite dishes of the year:
Lucky Me Pancit Canton, Luk Yuen's Congee and the usual Japanese foodies that I like.


1. Wisest thing you did this year:
I decided to move on from the ex and from Goodyear!

2. Stupidest thing you did this year:
Repeating some things that caused me meltdowns before.

3. Biggest change in your life this year:
From a stressed, disheveled workaholic to a fab career woman who actually have a life!

4. Biggest challenge of the year:
Looking for a fabulous new career that will trump all my previous jobs! (I actually did it!)

5. Something you learned the hard way:
Don’t push something that cannot be pushed.

6. Greatest lesson you learned this year about:

Love – You have to forgive yourself first for loving too much before you can move on and fall in love again. :)
Life – Life is great! Blessings are given to those who are kind and generous.

7. Best joke you've heard all year:

I am definitely not THE joke. Let us see who’s lauging NOW! Karma rocks!

8. Biggest disappointment of the year:

I am tempted to put my ex-company but the experience I had with them was actually a blessing in disguise.

9. Biggest blessings of the year:
What I am and where I am now. My friends, my family, my job and the things that makes me happy.

10. Biggest thing you discovered about the world:
Everyone and everything is just a click away.

FOR 2008

1. Goals and dreams for 2008:
Lose the baby fats, lose the adult fats, be more giving, more wisdom and perseverance at work, have a good ol' fashion loving, travel to my dream destinations, celebrate the 30th with a bang!

2. Predictions for 2008:

Love - This will be THE year with THE one!
Career - Better foresight, more effective projects and activities, more patience and understanding, more moolah!

Have a nice 2008! :)

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  1. can you apologize to someone because you cannot love them back?==> 'guess not. it's more of being kind to them than being sorry ;-)

    project europe! as in saving up for europe? parang gusto ko rin nyan!

  2. Cheers to 2008!!

    will borrow your meme ha! thanks! :D

  3. Aileen:
    Yeah, I guess sorry will never be enough. Been there done that, too.

    Yeah, Project Europe! :) I am researching and saving. I also saw your 'before I die post'! But I am more inclined to go to Italy than France.

    Surely, Meme Girl!


Thank you for your comment.