Friday, February 15, 2008

Work was dismissed early today and traffic was re-routed due to the rally and mass protest in Makati that calls for the immediate resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Here we go again.

I am getting tired of the constant civil unrest here in the Philippines. It's like deja vu of 2001. Same old issues, same old people barking, same old protest place, same old problems...but with a different President. When will this ALL end?

I ignored the hooplas and stayed at the office until 8:00 pm to finish some work that piled up due to my business trip in Davao the other day. The street from Rufino/Herrera going to Ayala was closed up to the corner of Rustan's so I decided to walk and took some photos from my camera phone as they were wrapping up.




But for all it's worth, here's a silent prayer of encouragement to Jun Lozada and to the other brave men out there who are fighting this fight. :)

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  1. and let's pray that they fight to the finish... and not lose steam in the middle of the fight :)


Thank you for your comment.