Saturday, September 13, 2008

I just finished packing for my trip to Bohol in less than 4 hours. Yep, you read it right, I am going to "The Republic of Bohol" for a department outing this weekend for three days and two nights. :)

Chocolate Hills

One of the many perks of working for the best telecommunications company in the Philippines is the better-than-usual outing subsidy it gives through the Team Celebration Program (TCP). Perennial favorite destinations are Boracay, Palawan, Davao and Bohol. I was actually happy because we chose a destination where I've never been. My group, Business and Services Development, planned and booked for our trip in June not knowing that our booked dates went right smack in the midst of the Budget Season for 2009. Thus our TCP literally turned into a TIP - Trouble In Paradise! My excitement for the trip naturally turned sour as I slave this week through budget templates and project charters on top of two project roll-outs due next week.

I went through several decisions and second guessing of stop-go-stop-go yesterday as pressure and tension build through the day. I really want to go but was also afraid of coming to work on Tuesday with my group budget and projects slashed to bits and pieces. The mere thought of it makes me crumble (yeah, we are THAT serious about it). At the end of the day, a phone call and SMS from three of my teammates convinced me to just pack my laptop to Bohol and enjoy the beach and views as much as I can; while I work at warp speed to meet our Sunday afternoon deadline. That's what WiFi and 3G connections are for, right?

The idea of this post is actually NOT to rant on the details of the excruciating parts of my often-fab job. I am actually attempting to right a live blog of my would-be experiences in the next few days. I've been AWOL on blogging for a month now and its about time I update; and I will attempt to do it almost on real time.

It's already past 3:00 am and I cannot sleep (as usual) and is excited to race to the airport to catch our 8:00 am flight to Tagbilaran. We will be staying in a resort along the nice white sand stretch of Alona Beach at Panglao Island. The day's itinerary would be some rest, some beach, and a Cultural Tour of Bohol in the afternoon. I will finally get to see the fame Chocolate Hills, the history-rich Baclayon Church, and those li'l tarsiers. I can't wait! I'll just hope that the weather will cooperate like the way it did when I was in Boracay a month ago (which I haven't blogged about yet).

This is all for now. I still have to pack a few more cables and techie essentials as well as sunblocks and beach necessities. I really hope that I would be able to blog, twit, and post as much as I can - since I'll be in front of my laptop half the time anyway.

Have a fab weekend! :)

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  1. i've been to bohol twice already and both times, i had lots of fun. and may i add that panglao waters were crystal clear?

    enjoy your Bohol trip and be safe always! :)

  2. Thanks, Edel! :) I really had fun. We went all around Bohol and went island hopping in Panglao.

    Will post picture and blog soon!

  3. boracay, check. davao, check. siargao, check.
    bohol is such a beauty. well, according to my former officemate. haven't been there yet. i've been dreaming of going to bohol and experiencing maybe a week or two of relaxation there for two years now.

    [and i just realized that i am commenting to a post you made months ago! dunno how i got here.]

  4. Hi, Eks!

    Bohol is one of the best places I've visited. It's very relaxing there compared to Boracay!

    I have two more blog entries on Bohol which I posted here. You might want to read it, too. :)

    Happy New Year!


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