Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am in Bohol…and blogging (how dorky can I be?).

We just got in our hotel after a nice by the beach shore dinner at one of the restaurants along Alona Beach here in Panglao Island. We are so beat and tired after a full day of Cultural Tour all over the Bohol province. Whew!

So what we been up to?


The most stupid thing I did today was sleep after I posted my blog entry last night. I should have NOT slept at all because I almost missed my early morning flight. I race through the airport and I arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3 around 7:30 am for an 8:00 am flight. Good thing there was an Express Lane counter so I was able to make it without checking-in my baggage.

I met Libay, Marj and Anna near the boarding gates; and went inside our Tagbilaran flight with a queasy feeling. Blame it to anxiety and stress of a maddening week at work. It turned out to be the worst flight I had in my life. Cebu Pacific did not do anything wrong and I was actually entertained by their in-flight activities but I was just too out of the weather. I was really happy when I heard Bob, the Flight Attendant, said “We’ve just landed at Tagbilaran National Airport”. I was one of the first people to go down from the plane.

Tagbilaran National Airport
There are only four of us on the trip!

Marj, Anna, Kuya Kim and Libay
Marj, Anna and Libay with Kuya Kim

My first impression of Bohol: peaceful countryside.

As we traveled through Tagbilaran City, the province’s capital, to Panglao Island, I cannot help but notice how serene and peaceful Bohol is. It was a 30 minute drive from the capital to where the Panglao white beaches are. The city is surrounded by mini malls, simple establishments and carefree living. The weather was very nice and perfect for swimming, tours and island hopping. Truly different from the rainy Manila weather we left behind.

We are staying at Alona Tropical Beach Resort along Alona Beach in Panglao Island. The resort is conveniently located at the northern part of the beach near a cove just fronting the beach. There's a swimming pool, jacuzzi and lots of nooks where you can relax and rest. We also scored a very nice room complete with a mini dining room and living room just in front of the swimming pool (which I will try tomorrow).

Alona Tropical - Beach Front
A sight to behold!
Here's the view from our hotel. Serenity at its best!

Alona Tropical - Swimming Pool
Swimming pool in front of our room

Alona Tropical - Nooks
A nice nook overlooking the beach where I can do "work" tomorrow

Alona Tropical - Silhouette
Playing with silhouettes inside our room

I am really having a wonderful time here in Bohol. It's very peaceful compared to the rowdy upbeat lifestyle of Boracay. :) I have so many things to write about this beautiful place but I have to sleep early for our early morning 6:00 am island hopping tomorrow. We will go to Balicasag Island and watch some dolphins which can only be "seen" early in the morning before 7:30 am.

Alona Tropical Beach Resort
Panglao Island, Bohol
Tel. No. +63-38-502-9024 / 502-9031

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