Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here's another one of my "beautification" project posts. Read on. :)

I went to Flawless Face and Body Clinic at their SM Mall of Asia branch last Monday to avail of their Flawless Laser Hair Removal procedure for my underarms. I've always wanted to try laser hair removal after seeing a friend's smooth, "chicken skin" free, and hair-less underarms which she availed from Flawless. I also want to achieve something like that. Being "hairy" is one of my personal pet peeves and I hate the constant shaving each day.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic SM Mall of Asia
Flawless Face and Body Clinic SM Mall of Asia

I was actually a bit hesitant about the procedure. I heard horror stories and reviews before of botched jobs, burned skin, and the like. None of them were from Flawless, of course, but I still did my research and asked for specific pre-care instructions and details about it. Better be safe than sorry, right?

The first step that I did was to schedule my appointment for the procedure days ahead. Laser hair removals are done by professional doctors so I made sure that the time and date of my visit coincides with the doctor's schedule. Tina, the very nice receptionist of Flawless SM MOA, confirmed my Monday evening schedule and advised me of the pre-treatment instructions. Keep in mind that laser hair removal treatments are not intended for walk-in patients since it entails some preparation and care before the procedure. Think of it as a very very minor medical procedure.

In case you're interested, here's a summary of Flawless' Laser Hair Removal pre-treatment instructions which was given to me. This applies to all areas and body parts that would need laser hair removal. This should be strictly followed prior to the treatment.

1. Discontinue use of Tretinoin, Glycolic or Alpha Hydroxy Acids 24 hours before the laser treatment.
2. Discontinue use of Oral Isotretinoin at least 6 months before the procedure.
3. No waxing, tweezing, bleaching, threading or use of depilatory agents for 2-3 weeks prior.
4. Lotions, creams, make-up and deodorant will be removed before the treatment.
5. Tanning should be avoided 4 weeks before the treatment. Self-tanning creams should also be completely faded.

On the day of the procedure, I came in early to avoid the high traffic of customers in the clinic. Flawless SM Mall of Asia is one of the biggest and most popular branches so it is always full of patients.

Waiting patients at the lobby area

The cool pink treatment beds at Flawless SM Mall of Asia

After the filling up of forms and waivers, my aesthetician, Nolyn, led me to the private treatment room and introduced me to Dr. Cleofe Memije. The doc and I chatted for a while and she explained what to expect and how long the procedure will be. She told me that it will be a quick treatment and I will feel some "rubber band snapping" pain while we are at it. She assured me that the machine can be adjusted depending on my pain tolerance level.

Flawless uses the LightSheer Diode Laser system in their hair removal procedure. Here are the benefits and its difference from the other types:

The LightSheer Diode Laser is a state of the art system that provides hair removal through a faster, safer and painless procedure. It is considered as the Gold Standard for laser hair removal in the industry.

Light Sheer Diode Hair Removal System
The LightSheer Diode LaserHair Removal System

The first thing that Dr. Memije did was to check the hair growth on my underarms. First time patients were also asked not to shave for a day so that the doctor can fully inspect its state. Doc said I have fine hair and it will be a breeze to take them out. Nolyn immediately shaved the hair growth after Dr. Memije checked it. It was a bit embarrassing but I have no choice since non-shaving is a must for first time patients.

Light Sheer Diode Hair Removal System
Nolyn, the aesthetician who assisted Dr. Memije with the procedure

After the shaving, Nolyn put some gel on my underarms and prepared it for the actual laser hair removal. Dr. Memije then took charge and started the procedure itself. She started with low volumes and asked if I feel any pain. She said that we will know if it's working if I experience any pain on my skin, no matter how subtle it is. She increased it two notches higher before I started feeling those "rubber band snapping" pain she explained earlier. It was pretty tolerable and the only "ouch" moment I had was when she beamed on the center where hair growth is most intense. The whole procedure only took 2 minutes per underarm. I was really surprised and was expecting at least 10 minutes of treatment.

Dr. Mejije and I sat down after the treatment and she told me about the post-treatment care and what to expect in the following days (which I listed down below). I also asked her how I can fully achieve beautiful, white, spotless-no-"chicken skin" underarms and she said that she can schedule a Skin Peel to complement with the underarm hair removal. She also explained that dark armpits is a result of hair growths so it wouldn't be much of a problem if I continue the LightSheer hair removal in the coming weeks.

1. Mild redness or swelling may be noticed. If you experience discomfort, apply ice or cold compress to the affected area.
2. Patient may take oral antihistamine or use topical cream for comfort.
3. Treated skin should be protected from the sun, SPF sunscreen is advised.
4. Make-up may be used 24 hours after the treatment.
5. Avoid pricking or scratching the treated skin. Do not use any other hair removal product like waxing or tweezing.
6. Wash the treated area and pat dry for 3 days, do not scrub.
7. Use a powder instead of deodorant for 24 hours after the treatment.

Here's also something that might surprise some readers. I learned from Dr. Mejije that hair removal via laser is NOT permanent. There's a lot of misconception - no thanks to other clinics who are claiming such - that 10 sessions of laser hair removal will actually relieve you from all those unwanted hair forever and permanently. The doc told me that hair growth will lessen and hair will be fine after some sessions but it will still grow back nonetheless. Thus Flawless is also offering lifetime packages for all parts that need laser hair removal. A single session for underarm is Php 3,000 ($ 65.50) and a lifetime package for it is only Php 27,600 ($ 600.00). Flawless is the only clinic in the Philippines who offers such (believe me, I checked). You can avail of the sessions once every 4 weeks or depending on your hair growth. It's actually very affordable compared to the packages of other aesthetic clinics who are charging double but for limited sessions only. It's really worth considering.

Its been days since I had the laser hair removal and its been great. There were some excess hair follicles after the procedure but I noticed that they were all gone after I got home. There was a slight sunburn feeling that lasted for a few hours but it was fairly tolerable and not uncomfortable. I did not experience any swelling or redness but I nonetheless avoided bath scrub and scratching of the treated areas. Its been three days since the treatment and there's no hair growth in sight in my underarms. It actually works! :) I'm fairly satisfied with the service and is considering on getting another session in three weeks. I'll see how the hair growth will be like before I take the plunge and decide on a lifetime package.

More pictures of Flawless Face and Body Clinic on my Flickr account.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic
2F Entertainment Wing
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City
Tel. No. +632-556-0796 / +63-928-506-8197
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  1. GREAT REVIEW. :) In the pre-laser instructions, it says that hair growth has to be 2-3 weeks, or did not just not shave for the day. Did you prepare for that as well? I don't know if I can tolerate not taking the hair out for the procedure for 2 weeks! - Trace

  2. Hi, Trace! Thanks, thanks!

    Yup! I clarified that one with Flawless before the appointment. I only skipped a day of shaving and has very very small hair growths that prior to the treatment.

    The doc explained that she only needs to see one's hair growth and pattern on the first laser hair removal so she can properly remove it. There are patients who comes in with shaved hairs but it's only allowed if that particular doc has already seen the hair growth. :)

  3. wow! been wanting to do that...kaso super duper mahal dito ang laser....high tech na high tech na talaga ang pinas...glad to know about your experience....thanks for sharing....:)

    salamat pala for dropping by at my kitchen blog...great to be here....:)

    btw, if you have a spare time...hope you can join my 2nd giveaway contest....:)

  4. Hello, Dhemz!

    Yeah, we are truly getting advanced. Some of my friends based abroad get their treatments here when in vacation, it saves a lot.

    Will try to join your contest. :) Thanks, thanks!

  5. Hi sis! What a great review! Because of this, I am now planning of getting the Lifetime Package.. Maybe i'll come visit Flawless MOA tomorrow.. =D Thanks for sharing your experience! ;)

  6. Hi, Mitchelli!
    Glad to be of help! :) Let me know how it will go.

  7. Hi there! Thanks for the very informative review. I am really planning to get the lifetime package, I think it will be worth it, after reading your review! Thanks so much! :)

  8. I would recommend going for Diode Laser hair removal. Based from experience it is really effective compared to other hair removal treatment.

  9. hi, i was wondering how did your laser treatment go? do you still have hair until now? it's been almost 5 years right?

  10. ^ Hello!

    Yes - it must be a regular thing. It doesn't really stop from growing and you must have a Laser treatement once every two months (or depending on growth).

  11. Hi Abbie,

    Did you get the lifetime package? :)
    I was considering to do this as I read your blog - very informative & helpful.


  12. Hi how's your underarm today? Did you avail the lifetime package? Your blog is really informative. I am thinking now to avail the lifetime package after reading this post.

  13. Hello. Did the skin peeling after the LHR make your underarms whiter? I plan to visit Flawless for a peel soon.

  14. Hi there! Thanks for the very informative review. I am really planning to get the lifetime package, I think it will be worth it, after reading your review! Thanks so much! :)

  15. How much it would cost me to avail the skin peel? :) thanks

  16. Hi, are there creams that needs to be applied after the treatment? And how much does it cost? Thanks!

  17. I'm planning a trip close to you soon, maybe I'll get the chance to visit and experience laser hair removal on my own skin!


Thank you for your comment.