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The boyfriend and I went to SM Mall of Asia for some errand and shopping last Saturday. It was truly a tiring week for me so I asked him if we can have some foot pampering at Beauty & Butter. I was just at Beauty & Butter the Saturday before but I would like to be spoiled and experience again their good service.

Beauty & Butter

It was packed with customers when we got there so we were asked to wait for a couple of minutes. Joy, the Butterfly (Receptionist), graciously offered us to play and tinker with their new iPad while we wait. The boyfriend gladly stayed after learning that he can play with the iPad and even told me that he will also get some foot spa for himself. Beauty & Butter's free iPad use is really handy when you need it! *wink*

Me & the iPad at Beauty & Butter
Waiting for my turn while I play with Beauty & Butter's iPad

I've tried Beauty & Butter's "Footsies" (Foot Spa) the week before and I loved it. Foot treatments like foot spa should be availed at least once every three weeks but my feet gets dry easily so a once a week spoiling is not too much. I opted to have another foot spa and I combined it with foot reflexology, foot paraffin and pedicure for this visit. :)

I asked again for Buttercup Loida for Saturday's session. Loida and I kind of bonded on my previous visit and she promised that she will take care of my feet and toenails. I wanted to grow back my toenails into a squareish form and she told me that it can be easily done provided that I don't scratch and pick on it like I usually do when I am stressed.

Let's get it started!
I was first made to seat on one of these comfortable treatment chairs that can be reclined like a half-bed in case you want to get a quick eye-shut or if you're availing any of Beauty & Butter's facial services.

Beauty & Butter Treatment Chairs

First - the wash to cleanse away stubborn stains. Then - the exfoliation to expose the creamy skin beneath. Soon - the hydration of dry and hardened skin, and the removal of ugly and stubborn callouses. And to cap it all off - a marvelous massage with the most succulent scents. Because your legs deserve the very best for all their support.

Tensions quickly disappeared after I soaked my feet in the warm water after a day of walking and standing.


After soaking, Loida began to buff my legs and feet with a rectangle sponge to clean thoroughly the stubborn dirt and stains.


The service was soon followed by scrubbing. It amazed me that she was still able to get a lot of dead skin from my feet despite having the same treatment just a week ago. It made me realize that I really have to scrub at least once in two weeks to achieve shiny and baby smooth feet.

Beauty & Butter's Foot Spa - Scrubbing

For exfoliation, I was asked to choose a flavor and I decided on the minty exfoliation cream. I love the cool effect of mint and it smells fresher compared to the other variants. After the exfoliation, Loida applied the heal therapy cream on my legs then she wrapped it in a hot towel (this is always my favorite part!).


My legs and feet rested for a few minutes as Loida and the Buttercups prepare for my Foot Reflexology treatment.

FOOT REST (Foot Reflexology)
The feet are the windows to your soul. Well, maybe not, but your feet carry certain pressure points that corresponds with different areas in your body. Get ready for a mind-blowing experience that will send you straight to Nirvana through the Foot Reflexology Massage.

"Mind-blowing experience" was the catch phrase used in the official Beauty & Butter service description for Foot Reflexology; and I must say that it's indeed true. I've had countless massages in my life but this was the only time when I literally went "oooohhhh!" and "aaaahhhh!" throughout the session. Loida expertly and gently massaged my joints and pressure points aided by a massage oil and a cooling lotion. I can literally feel the wellness of my blood circulation as she goes from one stroke to another. It probably helped that the reflexology was preceded by a refreshing and cool foot spa.

Beauty & Butter's Foot Reflexology

I truly recommend this 45 minute blissful reflexology service. My legs and feet just wants to sleep and relax after the whole nirvana-like experience!

Beauty & Butter's Foot Reflexology
See that big smile on my face?

As cherry on top of my amazing foot pampering experience at Beauty & Butter, I also availed of the Foot Paraffin treatment which promises smooth, healthy and beautiful skin.

Pounding the pavement? Reward your feet for all their support with this fantabulously relaxing reward.

I was able to try Hand Paraffin before but it was only my first time to avail of Foot Paraffin. Loida began the treatment by applying some oil and creams on my feet for better absorption. She also took out the paraffin liquid colored in gorgeous violet which I love!


She soaked both of my feet on the hot paraffin liquid three times. The first dip was the hottest but it became tolerable after that. The paraffin turned into a wax-like form as it enveloped by feet.


Plastics were immediately wrapped topped with foot mittens.

Beauty & Butter Foot Paraffin


The mittens and plastic were removed after 20 minutes for the full absorption of the paraffin. I immediately noticed the big change on my feet after the treatment. It was smoother and more relaxed compared before. Loida also advised me to try and get Foot Paraffin at least once a month to maintain the smoothness and softness of my feet. I'm seriously thinking about it because it really frustrates me that I have overly-dry skin on my feet. I hope that a regular dose of Foot Paraffin is the solution to my problem.

To cap this ultimate treat, I requested for Beauty & Butter Nail Polish #104 for my pedicure. Its a very very good shade of cherry red and I love its shiny and vampy finish. What do you think? It's not my usual color but my friends and colleagues loved it.

Beauty & Butter Pedicure Beauty & Butter Foot Dryer

Beauty & Butter Pedicure

This is truly one of the best foot pampering experiences I had of late. The combination of foot spa, foot reflexology, foot paraffin and pedicure was truly heaven. My feet got to experience the reward it deserves after weeks of tiring hard work. The whole treatment was two and a half hours and I only spent Php 1,299 ($ 28.47) for it. This is quite a steal compared to other salons or shops who are offering the same services.

I can now say that I am fiercely loyal to Beauty & Butter for the spoiling it repeatedly gives me. I hope that you can also experience and try it out for yourselves. They have branches in SM Megamall (the flagship store), SM Mall of Asia and SM San Lazaro. You can also check them at their Facebook Page in case you have any questions or inquiries. :)

Me and my red toenails!
My Happy Feet!

Have a Butter Day!

More Beauty & Butter photos on my Flickr site.

Beauty & Butter
2F Entertainment Wing
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City
Website: http://www.beautyandbutter.com

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