Friday, July 30, 2010

I went to four different Metro Manila malls last Tuesday for a special project that I am doing for work. I started at Robinson's Place Manila and ended the day at SM Megamall. I was obviously dead tired from all the walking and working so I immediately scouted for some post-work relaxation and pampering to beat the day's stress away.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic SM Megamall

I was initially planning on getting a full body massage but was instead drawn to the Body Scrub treatment of Flawless Face and Body Clinic. I've been trying their various services in the past few months and I've always been curious about their scrub treatments.

I like the Flawless clinic at SM Megamall because it was really huge and fancy compared to the other branches I've been. It also has an elegantly designed lobby (in pink of course) with an impressive showcase and line-up of their popular in-house products.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic SM Megamall

I was immediately ushered by Eliz, my aesthetician for the day, to an exclusive room after I filled-up the required Flawless forms. The Body Scrub treatment is indeed a very private affair since you have to be bare naked for the entire procedure. I'm quite shy about it but Eliz was very accommodating and professional so I was able to put all inhibitions aside and went to business.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic SM Megamall
My aesthetician, Eliz, and the private treatment room

The whole treatment lasted for an hour and thirty minutes so I recommend that you set an appointment and come to the clinic early if you are going to try it. The body scrub service also has three parts which Eliz explained to me thoroughly before we started.

One of Flawless' most popular services - it removes dead, dry and rough skin, even out skin tone and improves skin texture by providing a natural glow. It also restores the luster to dehydrated skin and invigorates dulled senses, leaving the skin smooth and youthful.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic Body Scrub
Dead Sea Salt Cream, Whitening Body Wrap, Flawless Bleaching Lotion,
disposable undies & shower cap

Ready for my Body Scrub
Ready for the Body Scrub

Step 1 - Scrubbing
Eliz began the treatment by thoroughly scrubbing and exfoliating every part of my body with this amazing dead sea salt scrub cream. I feel very refreshed and relaxed as she vigorously lather the cream with her expert hands. It's very similar to a body massage but with crystal salts instead of oils. The whole scrubbing lasted for a good 25 minutes. I rinsed it off after in the shower room.

Flawless Face and Body Body Scrub
Dead sea salt all over me

Step 2 - Bleaching
I am one of those people who doesn't care about whitening creams, gluthathione and the like. I was a bit surprised that the Php 2,000 ($43.90) Body Scrub package already has a bundled bleaching treatment that would make one's skin lighter and glowing. It was my first time to get a bleach so I specifically asked Eliz to concentrate on areas like my knees, knuckles and underarms. The cream rested on my body for 15 mins. before it was rinsed off. The experience was both medical and relaxing for me. I also realized that women can alternatively get this treatment regularly instead of popping pills or getting peels if they are dead-set in achieving fairer and whiter skin and a natural glow. This is definitely a safer and easier procedure.

Step 3 - Lotion
A bleaching lotion was applied to me to cap and end the Body Scrub treatment. The lotion feels good, smells nice, and it made my skin smoother. It was truly a great way to finish off a very amazing and relaxing experience.

I really enjoyed the Body Scrub with Bleach treatment especially the exfoliation part. Its nice to get rid of rough skin and stubborn dirt. Its been days since I had the service and I still feel the smoothness of my skin. The service doesn't come cheap so a once in two months trip may be enough. This treatment is actually my favorite among the Flawless services that I've tried recently. I availed of it just for the sake of pampering and relaxation but I honestly got more than I expected. :)

Flawless Face and Body Clinic
SM Megmall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave.
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong
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  1. Wow, this was a really comprehensive review. Thank you and I just might save up for this treatment in a month or two. :)

  2. Hi, Vera!
    Thanks for the comment. :) Yeah, this is a very good service of Flawless. Worth every penny.

  3. wow, i would love to have some pampering now. every woman needs a well deserved one sometimes. thanks for the "flawless" info.

  4. Thanks, Sam! Yeah, try it. Worth every penny. Best to do it before special occasions or events. :)

  5. my name is ariane i have a sensitive skin as my doctor told me.i tried the service of flawless 2 weeks ago because i have 2 pimples in my face ( one in my cheek and the other one was in my forehead)and i have some pimple marks. I actually have a dermatologist in greenhills but since it's a little far from my house i decided to try Flawless services near in our house in sta. mesa.
    I availed the acne treatment service and bought White Plus Cream that was supposedly for my marks. Unfortunately 2 days after my pimples started to come back and it got worse. acne started to build up in my nose and pimples in my cheeks.
    The service during the treatment was good it made me relax for almost an hour but their treatment DIDN'T really work for me. I decided to bring it to my dermatologist and brought topical meds. I suggest if you have sensitive skin you consult personal dermatologist.

  6. The worst doctor or dermatologist i have ever encountered ! I love flawless in trinoma. Dr. Sy is the best dermatologist ever. She will accommodate you well and treat you nicely.

    Sorry to say, but yesterday I was not really happy to have this dermatologist in Flawless mega mall touched my pimple. She just injected it right away.. she did not even sit, she just injected my pimple right away when she arrived. Sooo arrogant!!!


Thank you for your comment.