Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I rarely blog about work and our products but I'll make an exception for this one.

One of my favorite Smart products is SMART Bro. It introduced and launched so many variants in the last years and I've always been a loyal to it. I availed of the SMART Bro canopy even before I got into Smart. I'm using it for four years now and it still provides good connection for me and our whole household. I also bought a SMART Bro Plug-it when it was launched and I like it so much because it's reliable and it constantly connects me if there's no WiFi or wired connection available.

SMART Bro Pocket WiFi

Now comes another SMART Bro product that I will truly like and definitely get: the SMART Bro Pocket WiFi. This product is SMART's version of the Mobile WiFi or MiFi. Simply put, it's a gadget that will make you a WiFi Hotspot anywhere and everywhere you go as long as there is a SMART signal. The device is portable, can easily fit in your pocket, and it can provide simultaneous connections to five WiFi-enabled gadgets (mobile phones, iPads, laptops, PSPs, etc.). It's good for travel or if you belong to a group of friends who constantly need to check e-mail, tweet, post a status, blog, or check-in at Foursquare. The boyfriend and I (and our friends) will truly get a kick out of this gadget!

The lowdown? Monthly Service Fee (MSF) for the Pocket WiFi is Php 495 ($12.00) plus additional Php 150 ($3.50) for the gadget itself with a 24-months locked-in period. It has free 50 hours a month and has a speed of up to 2mbps. It can be availed at any SMART Wireless Centers nationwide.

I'll make a review once I tried and tested this baby. :)

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  1. I'll watch out for your review. I'm choosing between Smart Bro Pocket WiFi and Globe MiFi or PLDT myDSL wired connection (I'll just buy a wifi router). We need internet connection at home, especially my two college student siblings. :)

  2. Hi, Edel! Thanks for the comment. Will try to get a Pocket WiFi soon for the review. :)


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