Monday, October 25, 2010

It's October 25 and it's another voting day for the Philippines! I will vote. How about you?

Halloween & Politicians

Today is the nationwide Barangay Elections in the Philippines. Yes, it's another election in the country after the life changing National Elections of May 2010. This will be a small one compared to the last plebiscite when President Noy was elected. But this, I believe, has more impact to us and in our everyday lives. Electing the right barangay officials will help solve our daily irritants like un-disposed garbage,  village water shortage, and, yeah, even our annoying neighbors who are always on videoke at the wee hours.

Know your candidates, don't be swayed to vote for someone just because you share great great grandparents (it happens a lot in the provinces), make an informed choice, don't be tricked, be involved in your community. Go out and vote today! Your one vote will truly make a difference.

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Flawless Mesoestetic Peels

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