Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Yeah, yeah, yeah...haven't been posting much. Blame it to the above title. Anyway, been doing nothing these days, so I gave in to PC Gaming. Initially, I dn't want ANY game to be installed in my PC because of the huge memory requirement it has. Though my HD can accommodate it I am just so OC about "my space". I also got some hardware that support gaming but I nevertheless don't use it. Until I encountered...THE SIMS.
For the benefit of those who doesn't know what I am talking about, The Sims is an RPG that uses lots of strategies, techniques and creativity in building homes and neighborhood in a community called Sim City. It composes of people you'll help live lives, find friendship and even love and romance. I am just on my first Sim but I am going to buy those expansion packs soon. Since Ygy told me that what I have currently is boring with a capital B. Thanks to Kristine and Kaye for the tips. *wink wink*

1. My finger is healing fast. My doctor cousin already removed the last of the stitches last week and told me that I can now remove the band-aids. However, I opted not to since the skin is still soft. The stitches in my palm were also removed but still has the stingy feeling every now and then.

2. I am still praying for my ultimate dream job. The VP for HR told me that I have to undergo one last interview with my future boss in the last week of July or first week August. The company did some major reorganization and I am left hanging for quite some time now. My boss just came in last July 1st so he's still familiarizing himself with the Philippine operations and been doing some required traveling.

3. I got 2 back-up job offers just in case. I also have pending applications for three different positions in one company (go figure). This is where I want to work initially but there are plenty of applicants for each of the positions and the recruitment process is so long and tedious with no guaranteed assurance. It's perfect to apply here if you are still employed somewhere. I am not closing my doors yet on this one but I am getting really really impatient. No. 2 is a better alternative anyway.

4. My days are usually like this: sleep until 10am, play with my niece, watch TV/movie, play SIMS, write in my journal, surf, arrange mundane stuff, watch TV again, play SIMS, play with Gabbie, sleep. Whew! What a boring life!

5. I recently arranged and decorated my dresser and vanity mirror with picture frames and photos. It used to be just photos of me and family. But since I was in a sentimental mood that night, I decided to put in some pictures of friends. Aspac Advertising gave me a handsome frame made of cotton, polyester and wood last Christmas, haven't used it yet so I decided to put one of our pictures at Bim and Olen's wedding amidst the ruins at Baluarte de San Diego. It was a goofy shot of the couple, me, Patty, Anna, Abi, Tine and Mim taken by Niño. Second was my picture with Aileen, Charo and Mitzi at the batch reunion also last year. Ironically, the pictures were taken a week apart from each other.

I having a gaga overdose on Kate Hudson! I so so love her and her movie with Matthew McConaughey so I watched it again last night. If there are still a few species here who haven't heard or watched this...go and get it! You won't be sorry. I remembered that I first watched it with someone special two Mays ago at Greenbelt 3 the night before I left for Boracay. I watched it on the first day and it resulted me to a sleepless night since I squeeze the movie date with packing for the trip, finishing some work stuff and preparing the Bora adventure "cheat sheet" for the dealer associates who went with me. I admit that part of the reasons why I love this movie was because of the fond memories of that good May day a year ago. Sometimes we do love things and stuff because of the good memories and wonderful feeling that it's attached with. This is definetely one of those. Sadly, I also lost THAT guy in 90 days. Or I thought I did. Like what Andie said in the movie: "You can never loose someone you never had". Enough said.

Sex and The City Season Five
Mr. Deeds

Song of the Moment: Moonriver by Henry Mancini - Breakfast at Tiffany's
(was also used at SATC Season 4 while Big and Carrie were dancing and at the Kate-Matthew movie mentioned above)

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