Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I dunno if it's still crushing or already crashing. I am going way gaga about this crush of mine.

Here are my evidences:

1. He's slowly curing my Internet addiction. I spend more time texting him or day dreaming about him rather than going on-line.

2. Concentrating on my work is way harder since he's just a few meters away.

3. I can't stop smiling. It's like I have a perma-smile on my face.

4. Our HR Manager told me yesterday that it seems I'm in love since I am "blooming".

5. I found a hundred reasons to go outside or to the cafeteria since I'll be passing his cube along the way.

6. I have a new reason to love "Felicity" since he reminds me of Noel.

7. I try on at least two outfits each morning.

8. I wear make-up (or lipstick and powder at least).

9. I love my new kuyas and their funny ways of match-making me to him.

10. The washroom is my bestfriend. I do re-touch around 5x a day.

11. I love texting, bluetooths, winpops and e-mails more than ever.

12. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. We've been having breakfast together since Friday.

13. I left my cellphone, magazine and wallet yesterday. I'm so out of it!

14. I am so "in the clouds".

15. I am the epitome of Ms. Friendship at the office.

16. Thank God for Aimee and her future spy career.

17. I love Market! Market! and Asian Institute of Management. They are the two reasons why we are going to have lunch together.

18. I love Yellow Cab pizzas and the way it made him happy yesterday.

19. I am thankful for those guys who were asking about me and the way he tells them to fall in line and submit their resumes and ITRs.

20. I am bursting all over and wanted to tell the whole world my happy stories but I dunno where to start THUS this laundry list.


Some guy (not my crushie-crushie) from the office asked me to go reggaeing in Xaymaca at QC on Friday. Duh?! I appreciate the invite but if he's interested he should've at least asked what music I like. I told him that I'd think about it since I'll be going somewhere Friday. He asked me in front of the whole department with everyone within earshot so what's a girl got to do? I even asked him if we are going alone and he said that we can ask ________ (name of my crush). DUH?! Sya na lang kaya wag sumama?! Since I was put on the spot (great tactics!) I kept on kicking Aimee to save me from the invite but she said that she can't go since she'll be at MBA class. Gee, some help. No offense to Xaymaca lovers (Hello Aileen!) but it's not my ideal first date place (except if your date is Dino Concepcion of Brownman Revival). *wink*


I am scheduled to go to Market! Market! tomorrow for the mall's grand opening. Market! Market! at the Bonifacio Global City (The Fort) is one of the new high-rise mall projects of Ayala Land that will cater to a new breed of marketers and mallers. It will go big in retail and will even have tiangges outside (the Makati version of Greenhills?). I'll be there to check on one of our outlets and at the same time feel the coldness and comfort of the place since Carrier proudly powers the whole place.

The Market! Market! name was derived from the neighborhood Sari-sari Store.

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