Thursday, September 16, 2004

Pardon for the title since I cannot think of anything better.

I went to the grand opening of Market! Market! today at The Fort while Mark, Aimee and Luci went to the Asian Institute of Management for some product presentation. I went to the mall to check and observe the display and POP materials of one of our outlets. The place is huge but there are still few tenants in place. But thank God their beauty/kikay corner is already half-full thus my spankingly fresh french toe nails c/o CANS. Try it and ask for Roxanne. The mall is like the usual Ayala places where there's a big activity area in the middle. It generally caters to people from all walks of life. Do visit the outside market area where fresh produce are being sold.

After our meetings and presentations, they fetched me and the four of us had lunch at Zong at the Fort Strip amidst the raging storm outside. Wow! Super delicious! I can't get enough of those foodies! Definitely one of the best Chinese I've ever had. We went back to the office 3ish where I found so many work e-mails from my boss because we lost 4% market share from our sales last week. Beats me.

One exciting news though. I was in the middle of my work when I got an e-mail from a guy officemate about some requirements for an internal training tomorrow. I welcomed the break from work and went to his desk. We talked about some work stuff and the training but he showed me something from his Inbox that made me happy! An invitation from Cindy to Puerto Galera! Yay! My officemate asked if I am interested to come despite the not-so-good and sporadic age group of the rest of the invitees. I told him to forward to me the e-mail so I can check. So that's the huge news...I MIGHT go to Galera again soon! In the first week of October perhaps. It's not Boracay but it's the least that I can go to for the meantime. Plus, my new officemates are so cool when it comes to traveling. They got it all planned out! Galera soon, Sagada next! Book me a ticket!


"You make funny faces. You make the weirdest side comments. You are mean to our unfortunate officemates. You tease relentlessly. You make me smile in the direst of times. Yep, you're heaven-sent".

Either he wanted me as a girlfriend or his 24/7 clown.
Take your pick.

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