Monday, September 13, 2004


I am so in like with Mark's 02 XDA II! I love it so much that I even mistakenly sent a WinPop to him asking to bring "our XDA" to the training last Friday afternoon. Pong caught up immediately and asked me what I mean with "our XDA". I replied and told him that I forgot the "y" which makes it "your XDA". I am so crazy about this baby that's why I kept playing with it throughout the training, throughout the Statistics session with Aimee (Stat is one of Aimee's subject at her MBA and she asked Mark to help her) and throughout our dinner at Dencio's. I love its Windows platform and the camera it has. The resolution is so good. I love it!

My "accidental" reflection on Marky's XDA
I was capturing it on my 3650 when it caught me. Absolute coolness!

Though the XDA II is near perfection...I also have some reservations about it. For one, it doesn't have built-in wifi and it doubles as a phone thus the high price you have to pay for it. Geez! To console me in my frustration, I bought a copy of the September edition of T3 Magazine which has a feature: The Price Is Right: PDA's For Every Budget. Yeppers! After visiting so many websites and researching so many of the specifications, I found some PDA that may be right for me. But they are somehow still short for my expectations.

What are my requirements?
1. Pocket PC (but I am having mixed feelings)
1. High processor speed. A 400MHz would be nice.
2. Good memory. XDA II got 128mb.
3. Bluetooth connectivity
4. Wi-Fi enabled
5. Built-in Camera

HP iPAQ 4150

The one that comes close is the HP IPAQ 4150 which comes with a 400MHz processor, bluetooth and WiFi. It just came short with a memory of 64mb (but I can live with this) and has no built-in camera (I might be able to live without this). Plus, it's very price friendly since it's pegged at P27,950 (around $500.00) compared to the near-50 grand price tag of XDA II. The price is cheaper on-line at $399.00. This baby from Hewlett Packard came fifth in the monthly T3 Mag's Best Buys. It came after Sony Clie PEG-TH55 (which is also good minus bluetooth), the perennial favorite Palmone Tungsten T3, Palmone Treo 600 and 02 XDA II.

We'll see.

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