Monday, September 13, 2004

I am going mental! Some guy is driving me crazy.

I can't stop thinking about him and my friends are all laughing over this new kakikayan and rediscovered teen-age obssession of mine. Is this me? I feel so foreign about it. Aileen already pointed to me the obvious (?!) at Tabulas (that the guy is also digging me), Olen is so patient with my e-mails with parting words of "my crush is not here, he's on a meeting" and Bugs is calling me at least twice a day to "analyze the current situation". The latter even sent me an SMS this evening that goes: "Hello Lover Girl! How's your day?" Ewwww! So NOT me.

Unfortunately, I cannot divulge too much information on this blog for fear of being "discovered". But I have a Tabulas blog account where I bore my friends to death with all my silly stories. Get an account and be added as my friend! This is a major milestone and YOU have to hear all about it! Haha! Anyway, me and the guy are still in the awkward but exciting stage of getting-to-know-you and endless SMS exchange (and I can't believe that I am actually playing along with it). I am friggin' twenty-six years old and he's friggin' twenty-seven years old yet we are acting like two college kids! I am even worse since I over-analyze every bit of movement from him. What happened to me? Where's the twentysomething career-driven gal that I know? I was so "out of it" at work and I have this silly grin the entire day. AND I so hate myself whenever he ask me something. I caught myself saying at least two incoherent replies to him this afternoon alone. Dumbness! What the heck happened to my brilliant, witty, flowery comebacks? Gee, they are all down the drain with my freakin' sense!

For his part...well...IF he ever do have feelings for me, he's handling it very well. He knows how to prioritize things and knows what's not to mix (work and lovelife?). We are even slowly developing a pattern that only the two of us knows. *wink* BUT BUT BUT I still have this nagging feeling that he's just being friendly and gentlemanly (is there such a word?) to me. Nothing more. He never treats me differently from the other girls and he still crack boyish humors to me. He actually reminds me of my Olen's Bim. They are both too good-natured and too kind to the human race. *smiles*

He's really the epitome of a Mr. Nice Guy so he brought me to Alabang this evening though it's not on his way home. I dunno if I should give more meaning to his kindness or not since he's really THAT way. Plus, he doesn't have any choice but to offer me a ride since it was quite late already. Nevertheless, I almost jumped and shouted for joy after he dropped me off. I am so freakingly happy that I impulsively bought a new orange blouse that's out of my budget.

BUT he did ask me to a day-trip to Anilao this weekend and was rallying me to save and join him (and other friends) at El Nido later this year. He's so into watersports. Hmmmm?

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