Sunday, July 09, 2006

This is truly one of the longest weekend I've ever had for reasons I don't even know. Well, I have an idea but I just don't want to admit it to myself much more blog about it here. I came home earlier than usual last Friday after spending more than usual time at the office for an almost-weekend. All of my friends have personal plans and I am left alone to entertain myself. I went to the Adidas store at ATC before going home and checked some jackets which I've been admiring since last weekend. It will be perfect for the cool weathers to come. I have yet to decide which one to pick though.


Speaking of cool weathers, I actually love 'em lately. I also love the rain and prefer them over the scorching heat of the sun. There's just something about it that makes my head clearer and my mood better. In fact, one of the best scents I love of late is the smell of fresh rain. :)


I did nothing this weekend but stay at home and watch Desperate Housewives and The OC (with my whole family; we are all addicted to the Orange County residents), cleaned my work e-mail (yeah, how exciting!), worked on some activity report, designed some digital scrapbook, and backed-up my picture files which is already consuming large gigs of memory from my PC. I long to see my friends, have coffee and do our usual chats, but they are all busy with other things and I am not really keen on going out. With this uber long weekend, I can't believe that I am actually dying to go back to work tomorrow.


I'm going for a break next weekend. Marge said that it will be a good idea so I can clear my head and give my weary body a rest. I am kinda excited about the trip since its been a while since I had one. All I want to do is be merry, blog my thoughts, read a book, and just surrender and escape to reality for a while. I am also excited to use my new camera to the trip. I've been carrying around it almost everywhere I go but it's mostly night-out with friends or work-related events. I haven't exactly used it for its very purpose like capturing memorable moments. Or in this case, vacations and travel.

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