Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanks for being my soundboard for the last five years. I can't believe that we've been together since 2004 (longer than any of my past romantic relationships). Thanks for sticking and witnessing the last five years of my life - which ironically were also the most important ones.

You're such a great buddy. You've always been there for me even if I neglected you in the past. I know that you still haven't forgiven me for almost ditching you when I was stressed and overworked at Goodyear three years back. But I also know that I more than made up for that when I won you the Pond's Age Miracle Blog Writing Contest last year. People were so happy about you that I've been asked twice to join other blog writing contests by a couple of PR firms since winning in July. I unfortunately have to turn it down because I don't have the energy and time to devote on it. I was also asked just recently to test some blogging platform but you and I both know that I cannot do it because of obvious conflicts. :)

People are always asking me why I keep you. My reasons varied in the last five years - from keeping an on-line memory repository to keeping my sanity intact by having a "venting machine". But I know now why you are here. I just learned recently your purpose. Writing and publishing something about me is for my future generations. I know for sure that no one will be interested to write my story ala "Diary of Anne Frank" so I figured that I should just do it myself through you. It would be great for my future kids to read how I lived and loved. It will hopefully teach them what to avoid in the future (eg. men with commitment issues, mean colleagues and bosses who doesn't give a sh!t about you, etc.). If in case I will not be married or have kids, I am sure that my niece Gabbie will have a riot reading you and learning about my friends, our adventures, my crazy antics, food loving, and fun travels.

You are definitely one of my most precious possessions. I often read your archive especially when something is bugging me. I often search it for insights whenever I need to decide on something or if I am confused. My memories are kept alive because of you and for that I am grateful.

I vow to keep you as long as I can. Thanks for all that has been and for all that will be! Happy Blog Birthday!


Isn't it weird that you share the same birthday with one of my ex-beloveds? I started you six months before he came into my life. Now I wouldn't be able to forget his birthday because of YOU. Sheesh.

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  1. all of a sudden you're thanking your blog? i find this post strange. :)

  2. Why NOT? Blogging means a lot to me and I'm grateful for the memories it brings / it keeps. :) I just thought it would be nice to write something about it for it's 5th Blog Birthday.

  3. ahhh... oki... hehe. happy 5th girl!


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